Are you and your company looking to create a unique opportunity for marketing and promotion of your products and brands? Yes.Fit can create incredible co-promotion of your company and products with one of the most sought-after audiences (people looking to get moving). 

Yes.Fit boasts incredibly fast growing numbers including: Fast growing member base in 89 Countries,  over 400,000 page views (monthly), over 150,000 emails sent monthly with an a whopping 60+% open rate. 


Create Your Own Virtual Race: With Yes.Fit promoting your product or offering your product as a reward for completing the event. 

Advertising/ Sponsorship: Join us as a sponsor of a new event or in one of our existing events. 

Non-Profit Branding Opportunities: Non-profits are always looking for ways to create events to raise money for their efforts. Yes.Fit can work with your organization and a non-profit of your choice to create a unique branding/fundraising opportunity.

For more information on Co-Promotion opportunities please contact Kevin@Yes.Fit

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