There are just as many types of goals as there are people in the world. Some goals can be measured in lengths of time while others are counted in quantity. Still, others cannot be measured at all except by the feeling of accomplishment that the person feels when they achieve their goal.  It's important to remember that each of these goals is just as valuable as the other.

Celebrate your non-scale victories!

When you are exercising, not all victories come with a change in that number on the scale. In fact, most of the benefits from getting and staying healthy have nothing to do with that little piece of equipment in our bathrooms. These victories are the ones that are truly worth celebrating.

The day you realize you can walk up a flight of stairs to your office without losing your breath is a day to celebrate! That victory doesn't need the scale to validate the hard work you have put into that goal. Go ahead and take that victory lap around the office building, you earned it!

When you climb into bed in the evening and realize that, while your workout made you tired, it didn't make your body hurt like it used to, that's a day of victory!  Your body is stronger than it used to be, and that is something worth noting.

Perhaps you've noticed that you hit a personal best on your Yes.Fit walking challenge and met your completion goal.  Maybe you've run a full mile for the first time ever.  Or maybe you've successfully stayed under your calorie goals for the week.  Whatever it might be, those are all non-scale related victories, and they are indicators of your success.

There are victories of all sorts in a healthy lifestyle. Some are momentous and some are things you won't notice until one day you realize that you are able to do things easier than the day before. Some goals are reached by that number on the scale, but most are not and those are the ones truly worth celebrating.

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