Well, you’ve done it.  You’ve said out loud (or at least under your breath), "It’s time to make some better choices so I can be a healthier me.”   Now, where to start?  It might help to approach one main category at a time.

Choosing to Move  

Decide to Try

The how will depend on you and your body.  Some of walk, others roll in chairs, on bikes, or on skates.  Some run while others swim or bounce on trampolines. Find what works for you. If you are starting from a really sedentary period in life, or trying a completely new activity, start slowly. Give your muscles time to adapt and learn.

Choosing to Fuel

Thinking about food as the fuel for the engines that move you through the world may help you choose wisely. Your muscles need a healthy balance of nutrients (and enough of them) to keep you going. Consider logging your food for a week or two, taking inventory of those good old “food groups”.  With that snapshot in mind, you can begin to make choices that your body needs to keep moving.  

Choosing to Rest

Research tells us that plenty of good sleep is crucial to emotional, physical and intellectual health.  The bad news? There are about a billion ways our 21st century culture makes it hard to tune out and turn off our brains, even at bedtime. That means we really have to choose to shut down. Aiming for a consistent bedtime and developing a routine to disengage isn’t just for kids anymore.   

Choosing to Connect

We are social critters, and most folks need a little encouragement now and again. Find a group or two that will help celebrate your accomplishments and push you to keep making those healthy choices. Virtual spaces like the Yes.Fit Facebook group are great (especially for the introverts among us).  Local meetups, fitness groups and even newbie-friendly gyms can be good choices for ongoing community beyond your household.    

Choosing to Love and Care for You

This may be the most important - and for some of us the hardest!  All of us have failed at something, and most of us have fallen off some kind of health-related wagon.  The most important choice you can make for your health every day is to believe that you are worth it.  You are worth all the time and effort it takes to make or find healthy meals, to get up and move, to connect with other people and to get a full night’s sleep. You are worth trying again and again.

Contributed by Community Member Laura Viau

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