So you have decided to get in shape!  You're excited thinking about the new and improved, healthy you. Maybe you join a gym, and start cutting down on portion sizes, or maybe you sign up for your first virtual challenge.  You're ready.  Ready to hit the ground running-- but then, you realize you can't run just yet.

You can do this!

Walking at a fast pace gives you side cramps. You look horrible in spandex. You sweat like a pig, and can't get through a workout. You're embarrassed and ashamed, and your excitement quickly turns to dread. You talk down to yourself. You make yourself believe this is too hard, and begin to think it's just not worth it. 

Does this sound familiar?  This moment is very critical in the process of your journey to a healthier you. You can either decide to stay as you are because it's easier, or you can decide that you're worth the challenge, and love yourself right now.  What you look like on the outside does not change who you are on the inside. You are worth this fight. You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to feel confident.   You are amazing!

If you're struggling, know that you can do it! Loving yourself in the here and now is the first step.  There will be times you fail, and days that you feel like giving up. On those days...

Give Yourself Grace

What would you say to your mother, or your best friend if they were where you are? Talk to yourself, just as you would someone you care about. Show yourself grace. Be kind to yourself.  Build yourself up. Love yourself.

Remember That Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

At some point in life, nearly everyone realizes they want to change something. Maybe that something is career-oriented, a lifestyle change, or a fitness goal. It doesn't matter what that something is, change has to take place for the transformation to happen. Keep working toward your goals, and remember that anyone who ever achieved anything had to start somewhere.

Get Support

Surround yourself with people who love you, and who support you on this journey to a healthier you.  Maybe your best friend joins you for a weekly workout.  Maybe you join the Yes.Fit social community and meet new friends.  Maybe you join your local runners' club.  Whatever shape your support system takes, be sure to surround yourself with people who build you up and share their confidence in you.

And most importantly...

Love Yourself, Right Now

When you lose weight or get in shape, you might feel more confident, but weighing less and being toned does not change who you are on the inside. Remember to love yourself right now, with all your flaws and imperfections. Compliment yourself, and remind yourself over and over, that you are worth this fight.

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