There is truth to the phrase, "you're your own worst enemy."  When it comes to fitness, the voice whispering over and over "this is impossible" seems louder than any other.

I'm Possible!!

Defeating that doubting voice is key to fitness success, and here are some ideas on how to silence that doubter.

Create small wins.  Whether you choose to celebrate the number of minutes or the number of miles, when you meet those small goals, celebrate that victory!!  Make goals for yourself that are achievable, and when you meet that milestone, consider yourself successful, no matter how small that goal was.

Create a personalized plan.  You are not your neighbor.  Set goals for yourself that are about you-your health goals, your skills and abilities, your body's capabilities, and your preferences.  This hyper-personalized mindset helps to stop the endless defeatist comparisons that knock you away from your goals.

Acknowledge how far you've come.  Just how many miles did you run, or bike, or walk?  Using a fitness tracker keeps things in perspective.  You cannot be a failure when you are moving forward.

Keep your eye on the goal, and create new ones to reach.  What is your goal?  All races have goal lines.  Reaching a goal is a great feeling, but it can fade fast.  By keeping your focus on your current goal, but looking out for new ones, you take out that backward "fear of success" voice that tells you you'll quit once you are ready to move on.

Get others to join you on your goals.  Having a virtual community can help supplement when there is a lack of like-minded people.  Community and communication are vital in persistence and are often brimming with praise needed to vanquish those bad voices.

Keep it fun.  What are you interested in?  Historical fiction?  Traveling? Movies?  Virtual walking and running challenges like Yes.Fit provides can take you to places real and imagined and allow you to truly do what you love.

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