We read frequently about tips to help us become a better, stronger, faster runner, or suggestions on how to improve our physical fitness, but we often overlook a key aspect of any running or walking routine - safety and awareness.  This is especially important for road runners or walkers.

Stay Safe While Having Fun

Being aware of your surroundings is the biggest, most important aspect to staying safe while you're out logging your miles.  It's so easy to zone out, to get into your groove with your music or your audiobook, and forget to pay attention to what's going on around us.  Stay engaged with your surrounding and be aware of people and cars coming and going around you.

The second suggestion we have is that you always carry ID with you.  Slip your driver's license inside a pocket or in your phone holster, or invest in a runner's shoe ID tag -something to help identify yourself in case of an emergency.  Additionally, we encourage you to keep in your phone a list of In Case of Emergency contacts, so if needed, Emergency Services can call someone for you.

Consider always carrying a $5 with you, too.  You'll never know when you need to call a Lyft, or grab a second bottle of water.

Next, let's talk about earbuds for a minute.  We know how awesome it is to exercise with music blaring in our ears, encouraging us to move, but this can compromise safety.  A good compromise is to keep the volume low and to use only one earbud, which will allow you to hear approaching vehicles, cyclists, or other joggers.

And finally, be sure you are visible, especially if you exercise after dark.  Equip yourself with reflectors, or consider a LED light-up vest.  And if you're running or walking with your favorite four-legged buddy, consider his safety too, with a reflective collar or harness.

Getting outdoors and logging Yes.Fit miles is a great way to stretch yourself toward better health and fitness, but we want you to be sure to be safe while you're out there!  A little planning and a little common sense will go a long way to ensure that your run is engaging, fun, and protected.

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