Summer time is rolling in, and it's so incredibly easy to come up with an excuse to avoid exercise.  It's too hot out, the weather is miserable, I don't feel well, the list could go on and on.   It's easy to get side-tracked and lose sight of your goals.  You certainly wouldn't be the first, or the last, to look up on the first of September and realize that your exercise routine, that you'd worked so hard at in the earlier months of the year, has fallen by the wayside.

Truth from Bruce Lee

Let me tell you, it's something I struggle with too! Living here in the middle of Central Florida, where the weather guarantees 100-degree temperatures and 90% humidity levels, it's so easy to abandon my plans for a 5k in favor of binge-watching Netflix in the air conditioning.

So, how do we push past this summer lag?  There's no best or worst way to get yourself moving again, but I figured perhaps a little inspiration might get you up and off the couch.

I learned an incredible amount from one of our Yes.Fam members a few weeks ago.  Her name is Diana, and she has impaired mobility.  Talking with her got me to thinking, though, that if an incredible woman like Diana can overcome her physical limitations and keep pushing toward her goals, I can too.  There are no excuses big enough to keep me from trying to get in my exercise, even if it's just that one mile in the summer heat.  Diana overcomes obstacles that life throws at her, and keeps on keeping on, and that's something I strive to emulate.

Conquering obstacles and excuses is a state of mind.   Some days it might be a challenge to achieve just 5000 steps for my Fitbit goal.  Some days ice cream might seem like a much better alternative to getting out and accumulating a few miles.  But at the end of the day, I have to choose to keep going, despite my challenges, and smash my excuses.

I encourage you to keep smashing those excuses life offers up, to keep on pushing through to your goals.  Be kind to yourself, but remind yourself the benefits of pushing through that challenge - benefits I guarantee Netflix might not give you.  Participating in a virtual race allows you to work through some of those challenges you may be experiencing - earn your miles in the air conditioning of your local mall, or chalk up those steps by hiking through a cool forest.  If you've limited mobility like my friend Diana, earn those miles the best way for your body, through arm movements by pushing your wheelchair, or bicycling miles, or whatever works for you.  We can do this together.  Obstacles are only challenges to be overcome, like speed bumps, rather than brick walls to stop us.

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