Meeting your fitness goals can be a challenge, even if you’re incredibly motivated. Finding the time to get in a workout can be difficult when you’re juggling family, a job, housework, and other hobbies. Here are some easy ways to sneak fitness into your weekday or weekend to either elevate your fitness level or just keep you moving on days when you can’t make it to the gym.

Frisbee is a fun way to get the heart pumping.

Walking meetings: Host short, informal work meetings outside while walking instead of inside someone’s stuffy office. This works especially well if you’re near a trail, but a sidewalk will do nicely. Keep this tip handy for meetings with only 1 or 2 other people so that you can hear each other easily. This also works for phone calls as long as you can hear the speaker on the other end.   Count those miles toward your Yes.Fit walking challenge, too!

Ride your bike: If you live close enough to walk or bike to work, take advantage of the warm but not yet hot weather that spring offers to get in some extra exercise. Not ready to get sweaty before a full workday? Walk or bike when it’s time for errands. You’ll get in extra activity plus cut-down your carbon footprint.  And biking is a great way to log miles to your Yes.Fit challenge!

Check out your green thumb: Get down and dirty by planting yourself a garden this spring or work on a community garden if your residential situation doesn’t allow for your own personal one.

Play at the park: Kids love an after school outing at the park, but resist the urge to sit on the bench watching them. Run, jump, and climb along with them. Bring a soccer ball or frisbee for a friendly game while you’re there. Challenge your kids to the monkey bars–you might be surprised to discover how difficult they are for an adult!

Wash your car: Bust out the hose and sponges, it’s time to wash your car yourself! Kids will love getting in on this action, and you’ll get a mini workout when you do all the work by hand instead of going through the automatic car wash.

Hopefully these ideas inspire you to get out and move a little every day.  Healthy activities can be fun, and don't need to take up huge blocks of your busy day.

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