4 Tips To Getting Back On Track With Your Workout

How to beat the slump and get back on track

You've planned it all out. Thirty minutes a day, five times a week. You're going to stick to your schedule this time. Things start off well, and you're feeling good.   But then increased work and family obligations drain your energy. Your plans fall by the wayside.  You're not meeting those goals you worked so hard to set.  You're not seeing any progress. Eventually, you give up working out altogether. You've fallen into a slump.

But does it have to be that way? What can you do to emerge from that slump with renewed motivation?

You can do this!

Here are 4 helpful tips to ditch the slump and get back to enjoying your workout.

1. Just Dance. Don't want to spend hours in the gym? Get up and dance! Dancing moves your entire body -- your arms, hips, and legs all get a workout! Plus, it provides a ton of health benefits, including increased energy, improved coordination, and greater circulation. It's easy, fun, and will make your workout worth looking forward to!

2. Refine Your Fitness Goals. Slumps often arise because we set our goals too high. Reduce that workout from thirty minutes a day to twenty-five minutes. Try twenty sit-ups instead of thirty. Turn that weekly routine from five days to four. Keep goals flexible, not fixed. That way, when you don't meet your goals one month, you'll can alter your goals the next month to reflect your needs without feeling defeated.

3. Stop Pushing Yourself. Is 'no pain, no gain' your mantra? Has that ever made you push yourself a little too hard to the point that exercise feels like a chore? Exercising too much can have some painful consequences on our bodies and minds, including increased heart problems and insomnia. Be proud of the work you've accomplished, no matter how small.

4. Stay Positive. Negativity can produce harmful neurological and physical effects on our health. By staying positive about our workout, we can increase our lifespan and live a healthier, happier life. Change the way you view exercise and it will make you better equipped to handle those days you missed. Love working out; don't loathe it!

With these tips, you can tell that slump to go take a hike (and maybe take one yourself -- it's beautiful outside!)