How to Add a Workout on the Yes.Fit App

How to add a workout?

Add a Workout

If you are in the Home Dashboard screen, select “My Races”.  If you are signed up for a race or races, select the Race you wish to sync a device to.

Once in the race detail screen, you should see the “Workouts” tab. If you have logged workouts previously for this race you will see a list of them and a small green “Add Workout: button in the top right. If not, you will see a large green tab labeled “Add Workout”. 

A window will pop up and show form with many inputs for you to manually add a workout.  Fill out the appropriate fields and hit “Save”.  (Note: You must fill out at least a Distance and Duration in order to Save a workout)

You should then notice back in your race list; your new workouts should have incremented on the race card itself.