Pause and Start a Race

Sometimes our users wish to pause a Race they are in and start a new one. 

If you are in the Home Dashboard screen, select “My Races”.  If you are signed up for a race or races, you will see the race queue here. 

If a race is in progress you will see a green “Pause” icon in the top left corner of the Race card. Select that icon and you will be prompted to confirm the pausing of the race. 

A small green information bar will appear at the bottom letting you know that the information was saved. 

The process to start a race can be done the same way as pause or by selecting the Race and heading to the detail screen. You can select the “Device” tab and there will be a large green info box that allows you to start that race by hitting the button. 

Again, the process of starting a race can be done the same way as pausing. By selecting the green “Play” icon in the top left portion of the Race card. 

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