Delete a Race from Your Cart

How to delete race from your cart?

Delete a Race from Your Cart

Navigate to the Race index portion of the app by hitting the “Flag” icon in the footer menu.  Choose a race that you want to partake in and read more info if you would like. When ready, hit the “Get Started” button to see your Rewards for this challenge. Choose the Rewards you like and select the green “Next” button.

A modal will popup allowing you to “Continue Shopping” for more races or to “Checkout”. 

If you want to add more Races, hit the “Continue Shopping” button and navigate back to the Race index screen. Choose another Race just like before and pick your Rewards. 

Once you’re ready, hit the “Checkout” button.  Either enter your Shipping information or just confirm it all looks correct.  Then hit the “Next” button.

You should then see a breakdown of the items you are purchasing. Items that can be edited or removed will have icons next to their titles. 

If you have changed your mind on a race or item, simple hit the “Trash Can” icon next to that item to delete it from your cart. 

You should now see an updated card with the appropriate items in there.  You can now choose your form of payment to complete the transaction.