Dealing with Unassigned Workouts

How to manage Unassigned Workouts?

Dealing with Unassigned Workouts

  • If you are in the Home Dashboard screen, select “My Races”.  If you are signed up for a race or races, select the race you wish to add an Unassigned workout to.

  • Once in the race detail screen, you should see the “Workouts” tab. If you have logged workouts previously for this race you will see a list of them.

  • At the very bottom of the screen you will see two more tabs labeled “Assigned” and “Unassigned” which will be in red with a count. 

  • Select that “Unassigned” tab to see a list of those workouts that were not assigned to a Race. You can manually edit these workouts by selecting the “Pencil” icon on the right. 

  • Here you can edit the data in as you would when adding a normal workout or simply just press the green “Save” button to assign this workout to the selected Race you are on.