Why do I have unassigned workouts?

Unassigned workouts happen when the activity from your fitness tracker doesn't match the activity you are allowing on your Yes.Fit race. 

For example, you selected "treadmill running" in your fitness tracker but selected "running" in Yes.Fit. In order for the workouts to sync correctly to your race, please only assign basic workouts in your fitness tracker. "Running" in your fitness tracker will correspond with "Running" in Yes.Fit.

An unassigned workout will happen when you have "Running" selected in Yes.Fit but track a workout as "walking, elliptical, jogging" etc. You can select "All Activity Types" in Yes.Fit if you want to track all activities from your fitness tracker. 

Below is a video on how get credit on your race for those unassigned workouts.

Unassigned workout can happen for a couple reasons. One reason is that the advanced activity selected in Yes.Fit and the activity chosen on the personal fitness device are not the same.For instance if your Fitbit is set to record running workouts  and  your Yes.Fit is set to save walking workouts to your race. Your running workouts will be unassigned. Another reason you could have unassigned work out is if you have multiple devices pulling information. The only device that will save to your race is the Assigned device. All other devices workouts would then be an unassigned workout.

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