How do I use manual entry?

How do I use manual entry?

How do I use manual entry on the Yes.Fit app

  • You can manually add a work out at anytime. From both the app or a web-browser.

  • If you are using the app from the home screen the race you wish to add a work out to.

  • There you will see a green ADD WORKOUT button.

  • From here you can add any type of workout, such as running, walking, swimming, biking and so on.

  • Once you have clicked on the green ADD WORKOUT button, a window will pop up allowing you to change the date, distance in miles, hours, minutes, seconds and even calories.

  • Once you have successfully logged a workout it will show up below.

  • If you are on a web-browser your going to want to go to your DASHBOARD

  • Click on the race you wish to add a workout to and follow the above instructions.

  • Lastly be sure to hit save once you have filled in all the blanks.

(Note: You must fill out at least a Distance and Duration in order to Save a workout) You should then notice back in your race list; your new workouts should have incremented on the race card itself.