How can I invite my friends to a race?

How can I invite my friends to join a race?

There are several ways to invite friends to a race.

Option 1:

If you're already in a race and want to share that race with a friend, from your home screen, pick the race you would like to share

Then once you are in that race, at the top of the race, you will see a "share" button

When you click on that button, you will then click "Share Event," which will copy the name and link of that race.

If your friend is not a Yes.Fit user, you can share your referral code with them. That code will get them $5 off their first race and will give you $5 that you can use at Yes.Fit. Once they have signed up, you can then share the specific race, using the steps above.

How to share your referral code:

If you are on the Home screen of the app, at the top right-hand corner you will see a hamburger sign (see below)

Click on that symbol and then at the very top you will see the "Share Now" button.

It will take you to the following page, where your personal referral code lives.

Once you click "Share Code," it will be copied to your clipboard, where you are able to share with your friends and family!

Once your friend has purchased their first race and used the referral code you sent to them, you will get your discount automatically added to your Yes.Fit account.

If you wish to buy a new race, you can go through the process as usual but this time when you checkout, you will see a discount labeled “First Race” in your itemized breakdown letting you know the referral code worked.