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Corporate Events and Wellness

By Alicia Sparrowhawk • Last updated on Jul 26, 2023

We often get requests to help companies to set up corporate wellness opportunities for their employees.  Yes.Fit can work with your company in a variety of ways.

Setting Up Private Events:  Yes.Fit will work with your company to set up private events. We can do this with rewards (shirts/medals or other products) or you can provide the incentive of your choice. Customization options, rewards, and the number of participants will determine the cost of private events.

Subscription Billing:  Yes.Fit will work with your company to provide free races (no rewards included) to your employees through our Corporate Wellness Subscription program. In this program, each employee would be given VIP access to our program.

Corporate/Fundraising Events:  Do you want to get your employees active and raise money for a non-profit too? Yes.Fit can help you do this in a variety of ways.

For more information on setting up a corporate wellness event, please contact corpwell@yes.fit