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How do I earn points?

By Alicia Sparrowhawk • Last updated on Jul 26, 2023

Here are some fun ways to earn points:

Log a workout. After you’ve entered a race, every day a workout is logged you will earn loyalty points. (Points will only be added once a day regardless of what the date for the workout is listed as.)

Make Purchases. For every dollar, you spend with Yes.Fit, you will receive 5 points. (If you make a purchase using a gift voucher points will not be given since the purchaser of the voucher received points for purchasing the voucher.)

Connect your social login* ** Add Facebook, Google or Apple login to your account.

Earn an Achievement. Every now and then, just by using Yes.Fit, you will trigger certain achievements, based on factors such as your total distance, total workouts, etc. When this happens, you will earn points.

Add your phone to your profile* **. Just go to your Yes.Fit profile, enter, and save your phone number.

Connect a device* **. Click on the “Manage my devices” link in the sidebar of the App and connect your fitness device (e.g. Google Fit, Samsung Health, etc).

Happy Yes.Fit anniversary*. Our relationship with you is so important that we are awarding 200 points on the anniversary date of your joining Yes Fit.

Earning rules marked by * will only trigger for future events, they will not be applied retroactively. Earning rules marked by ** are a one-time deal, they can only be earned once.