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By Alicia Sparrowhawk
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Hey you, have a look-see into what others are saying about Yes.Fit. App Store, Yes.Fit ★★★★★ Great app! I love using this app. I use it for walking, cycling, and Zumba. I don’t always get the rewards, but love doing the races and checking out the stops along the way. Been a user since June 2017. Not only is the help through the “green bubble” always available and right on point, but the FB group is the most supportive I’ve ever seen online! by Roscoedeboscoe Google Play, Yes.Fit ★★★★★ So far I'm really loving the overall experience with yes.fit! App is easy to navigate, and i love how it can sync with my other fitness apps to track my progress. As you go through your race it when gives you interesting sites, quotes, or information points along the way. by M Gab App Store, Yes.Fit ★★★★★ Awesome Great app to keep me extra motivated for my training. The extra incentive and rewards make it fun. by ttppdejong App Store, Yes.Fit ★★★★★ Great app!! Love the new app! Seems to work a bit faster and smoother than the old one.  The only thing I wish is that the map view was still the same.  Otherwise it works well for how I use it and I think it’s great!  Love it and love yes.fit! by Running in Purple 🌟Other Star Notables🌟 How to run a marathon without leaving your house It's not as crazy as it sounds. https://www.cnet.com/news/how-to-run-a-marathon-without-leaving-your-house/ Help Me! I Am In An Exercise Rut! https://cheapisthenewclassy.com/2019/03/help-me-i-am-in-an-exercise-rut.html And she’s off! https://marthaurquhart.com/2019/03/16/1349/ Achieving Big Goals - How I plan to run 121.9 miles. https://365daysofmarriage.com/tag/listening-to-your-spouse/ Time to sparkle https://isweatandsparkle.home.blog/category/birthday/

By Alicia Sparrowhawk
Last updated on Jul 27, 2023