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Device Integration Changes (change was in May 2023)

By Alicia Sparrowhawk • Last updated on Jul 27, 2023
  • Device Integration is Change May 2023

Since 2017, we have been using a 3rd party vendor (“Validic”) to manage device integrations (Fitbit, Apple Health, Samsung Health, etc.). When you add a workout, your device sends the workout to Validic, who in turn sends it to our back-end servers over a secure connection, and we assign it to you. Validic also manages the authorization process, e.g., the act of you allowing your device app (e.g., Fitbit) to send your workouts to them, and then to us.

We have put a plan in place to overhaul our device integration architecture by removing Validic from the equation. What does this mean for you, our loyal users?

For the better

Bringing device integration in-house provides several benefits to everyone. It will make our device integration more reliable and will allow us to troubleshoot issues more easily when they occur. We will also require less in the way of permissions, especially for Fitbit.

You might also notice that your workouts will sync with Yes.Fit more quickly, and in some cases (e.g., Samsung Health) more reliably.

Some worse?

Unfortunately, we will only be able to support the most popular fitness apps and devices. We have a relatively small development team, and it takes a lot of time and resources to implement just a single-device integration. Also, some device platforms do not even offer a public API for us to use. Here is the list of device integrations we will continue to support moving forward:

  • Apple Health

  • Samsung Health

  • Fitbit

  • Strava

  • Garmin

  • Under Armour (MapMy…)

All other devices will no longer be supported.

What if my fitness app is no longer supported?

If your fitness app is no longer supported, do not despair, all is not lost! There are a few options available to you:

  • Some fitness apps can act as “aggregators”. For example, if you have a Suunto device, you can create a Strava account, link your Suunto to it, and then connect your new Strava account to Yes.Fit. This will enable workouts to automatically sync from your Suunto to Yes.Fit, via Strava.

  • Our support staff know dozens of different ways to get your workouts into Yes.Fit, so if have any questions, please send an email to support@yes.fit.

  • Although not the most ideal approach, you can always manually enter your workouts. It’s not as smooth as using a connected device, but at least you still get to keep moving and earn those rewards!


This process will be a gradual one and it has already begun. If you have Fitbit, Strava, Garmin or UA, we encourage you to connect them now.

We are currently testing our new Apple Health and Samsung Health integrations and they will be rolled out in several weeks.

What you need to do

The new integrations are in the same place as before (in the “tracker” tab in the App or “Manage my Devices” on the web site) and they have the word “(new)” in the name.

If after you’ve made a new connection you start receiving double-miles, please make sure you disconnect the old device. We will try to do this for you, but sometimes, small things can go wrong.

Please reach out

Please contact support@yes.fit if you have any questions regarding this transition.