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How to Connect to our new Fitbit Integration

By Alicia Sparrowhawk • Last updated on Jul 27, 2023

We recently introduced a new Fitbit integration that is faster, more reliable than our previous version and does not require excess permissions to track your distance.

If you do not currently have a Fitbit connection, you can skip to Step 5. If you do, please start at Step 1.

Step 1 – Disconnect your existing Fitbit connection.

On the Home screen, click on the “Trackers” tab and then press “Fitbit”.


Step 2 – Open the Connection Library.

Press “VIEW 3RD PARTY INTEGRATIONS” to open the connection library.


Step 3 – Disconnect your Fitbit.

Click on the red X next to your Fitbit connection. This will not delete any existing Fitbit workouts.


Step 4 – Close the Library screen.


Step 5 – Go Back to the Fitness Trackers screen.


Step 6 – Start Connecting your Fitbit.

A new Yes.Fit Integration “Fitbit (new)” should now be on this screen. Press on it to begin the connection process.


Step 7 – Connect your Fitbit.

On the new Fitbit page, press the CONNECT button.


Step 8 – Sign In to Fitbit

If you are already signed into Fitbit in a different browser, you may not get this step.


Step 9 – Authorize Yes.Fit to Read your workouts.

Check “activity and exercise” and press “Allow”.


Step 10 – Return to the Home screen.

If you do not see the new Fitbit connection in your Trackers section, then pull the screen down from the top to force a refresh. Then, press on the “Fitbit (new)” link.


Step 11 – “Fitbit (new)” should now show as Connected.

On the devices screen, the “Fitbit (new)” connection should now show as “connected”. Tap on it to go to the Fitbit screen.


Step 12 – View your Fitbit Connection status.

The new Fitbit screen should now be showing you information from Fitbit, such as your most recent daily activities and logged workouts. Note that these activities and workouts won’t necessarily be in Yes.Fit yet, depending on when it last synced. Another important piece of information on this screen is the “Scope” value. It should be set to “activity” with a green check mark. Without this, we will not be able to import your workouts from Fitbit.